Everyone has their own brand of crazy. Underemployed Dan tries to hold it all together during a zombie apocalypse with his best friend and pothead Evan, while lovestruck Matthew can't seem to figure out what Charlie wants. One thing they can all agree on--being trapped in a Westmarket store with hungry undead hordes outside and a sociopathic murderer inside is no way to spend their last days on Earth.

"Happy Bookaholic ‏@ReadingEcstasy @pinkbagels Write til your hands snap off at the wrists and your eyes roll lifelessly. I really won't mind. #really" –via Twitter

I love zombies.  I mean, I really, really love zombies.  If you ever wanted to know who coined the term ‘zombie romance’, look no further.  It actually *was* me.  I made a zombie romance website that was very tongue through cheek and Penguin books contacted me and gave me an advance freebie copy of Warm Bodies for review along with whatever other book I wanted.  Those were exciting times!

This particular novel isn’t very much of a romance, by any means, and I really expanded on the whole idea of the logistics of people gathering and what happens when they rot away but keep moving.  It’s highly character based and is probably one of the most linear of all my stories, with tightly wound scenes and lots of blood and guts.  Both zombies and people are scary here, which is all how it should be.


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