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Mischa didn't die and thus was a huge fixture in Hannibal's life, only to wrench herself away from it. In the aftermath of this and the events both before and after the killing of Garrett Jacob Hobbs, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, psychiatrist, finds himself embroiled in a relationship with the enigmatic FBI profiler Will Graham and foster father to the now orphaned Abigail Hobbs. All on the surface seems bubbling with normalcy and yet...What are those nagging doubts that keep creeping into his mind, the closet door that won't stay closed and the beige wall behind his suits, taunting his equilibrium? As the days stretch into weeks and life takes on shadowed hues that refuse to lighten, a different kind of showdown plays itself out, one that could very well cost a young woman her soul.



BEEN A SON (Omegaverse fic, Omega!Hannibal)

This is PART ONE of the BEEN A SON -- Omegaverse series.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter, world renowned psychiatrist, has been hiding a secret.

He's also the Chesapeake Ripper.

Will Graham, Alpha, FBI criminal profiler and all around repressed aggressive mess is brought in to take down the Ripper. In hopes of helping him manage his empathy disorder while working the case, Dr. Lecter is brought in as a consultant to help harness Mr. Graham's more unstable tendencies. While Dr. Lecter doesn't mind Will Graham finding out about his murderous hobbies, there are *some* things he'd much rather keep to himself.

Will Graham, however, is one persistent Alpha mongoose.



THEY CAN SMELL YOUR INTENTIONS (spacedogs, Omegaverse)

A Spacedogs sequel to 'Been A Son'

As the lead investigator for the anti-Omega trafficking brigade in Bucharest, Inspector Nigel Ionescu must contend with being swamped at work and overwhelmed in his mess of a private life. With his ex wife Gabi constantly on the periphery and needing every dime he makes along with the stress of rescuing and taking care of traumatized Omegas, it's no wonder this Alpha is too damned tired to give a shit about much other than smokes and booze. But when the angelic United Main expat Adam Raki suddenly becomes his responsibility, Nigel is plunged into an existence of supernovas, expanding universes and the ever, mounting threat of a massive world war. The United Main's tensions within its own borders are finally coming to a head and it's in this volatile landscape that Nigel searches for a justice that may never come.




Nigel Lecter, Hannibal's long lost twin, shows up on his doorstep after embezzling twenty-five million dollars in drug money after having a fallout with Darko. Blackmailed into allowing him to stay, Hannibal's shock at having a twin is eclipsed by how much of an inconvenience he presents in regards to his manipulation of Will Graham.

Still nursing a broken heart and a bullet wound while dealing with his pompous, serial killer brother, Nigel finds respite in the alluring fascination of empath Will Graham, a profiler for the FBI. Hannibal has already laid claim, but Nigel knows better than anyone that the heart wants what it wants.



I am, unabashedly, a fanfiction writer.  I first got into the genre in 1999, in the DS9 fandom when I discovered what slash was.  Prior to this I had always had invasive stories from various shows collecting in a collage in my head, but I never put them on paper, and while I had some storytelling skills, they had been long ignored and my pens were rusty.

Fanfiction gave me the guts to get better.  Though my first efforts were godawful, I did learn how to challenge myself and gradually found my voice.  The amount of feedback and encouragement a writer gets from delving into fanfiction is exceptionally addicting and certainly discussing the meta aspects of a show helps in understanding the process that creates a work that you love.  As a participatory medium, it breaks apart the isolation that writing often brings with it.  As a writer, you can learn what works in your stories and what doesn’t, how to write good dialogue, how to keep characterizations consistent, how to self edit, how to push the boundaries of what you think your mind is limited to.  If you’re a slacker who doesn’t get things done, your story’s *fans* will demand you do!  Beat that, dark, lonely basement.

There’s a great healing process for the creative spirit when you are a part of something that allows you the freedom to fashion a premade mold into whatever shape you wish.  

It’s a place to fit in when nothing about you does.

I have included here my latest, completed works, currently from the HANNIBAL fandom, which is unique, IMO, in its talent and artistry and overall acceptance within its community.  I think there’s a many layered component to the cannibalizing of the source, here.  (How’s that for meta?)

Other one shots and series, such as Life On Mars, Supernatural, PoTC, X-Files, etc. can be found on my livejournal HERE. All links on this page lead to Archive Of Our Own, *the* best place to find great fanfiction, IMO ;p

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