Girl With One Eye follows the story of photojournalist Greg Wells who, despite his constant visual hallucinations, becomes an important part of Staff Inspector June Highsmith’s investigative team. Due to the rarity of his condition and the creative ways in which Greg copes with his hallucinations, which involves using photographs to be able to see reality, he attracts the attention of Dr. Leon Herberte who plans to study his phenomenon.

Curiosity will have to wait because there is a real madman on the loose, one who wants the impure to be purified to serve the needs of his Oculus who patiently waits within her coffin. The killer moves through the city in nocturnal stealth, shooting single women in cars execution style and driving an iron nail through their left eye. With Highsmith on high alert and doing all she can to stem the body count, Greg Wells is brought into the fold to aid in his capture. But a killer stalking the early morning intersections of the city is not the only problem on the horizon, for Dr. Leon Herberte has some secretive troubles of his own. What follows is a twisted collage of insanity and murder, where the perception of what we believe to be true is shattered in the face of what is.

The first 12 ‘episodes’ of Girl With One Eye were published by  Sadly, they are closing their doors in the fall, but this story will continue here.  If you would like to hear audio versions of the first 12 eps, you can do so here:


The City takes care of its people.  It houses them, feeds them, provides them with work.  They only ask for compliance, to not question the safety it provides from Outside.  Think only good things, provide for others and oneself without thought.  Do not, under any circumstances, dream.

But the lions are lurking beneath the consciousness of the City residents.  They invade dreams with predator hunger.  

Sofia wants to know what the dreams mean, but the lions continue to elude her.  She can only watch as their  influence destroys the City and its people.  The lions  are the roaring force of the Outside, forcing its way  in.

These are current works in progress.  This project list will expand and contract as new stories decide to wander in and take over this page.  This scrapbook is still owned, copyright M. Jones, 2016. Not to be reproduced or printed without permission. All rights reserved.

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