Gender fluid FBI Agent Harry Watson is hot on the trail of serial murderer The Sandman, only to find herself in Trinity, Nova Scotia.  Trapped in this snowglobe of a place, she meets Maurice Harding, whose brother was attacked by The Sandman, and who may not be finished with Maurice's tiny family just yet.

But Maurice has secrets that add layers of complexity to the case, and with the looming threat of another madman set to destroy his family, it's up to Harry Watson to drive the monsters out.

I’ve never understood why people have so many problems with transgendered individuals.  Gay or straight, transgendered people have to walk the gauntlet of everyone judging how their bodies have dictated the way they need to live.  It’s like telling someone born with an extra finger that they shouldn’t have made that decision to grow another digit while they were in the womb.  A lot of people are unreasonable and cruel towards those who are transgender, and I get really sick of seeing the ignorant vitriol they are forced to endure over and over.  This book came out both as a self exploration into my own bisexuality and my anger over how polarized our society is about gender.  People are individuals with their own universes to deal with. It’s hard enough figuring out where we individually stand within our own worlds without judging the crap out of people quietly forging their way through their own.


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