After a brutal attack by the so-called 'Earthworm Cult', Dr. Declan Smirnov tries to piece his life back together.  But the leader of the cult, Grant Keller, seems to have a lesson for him that he cannot ignore.  Declan had best remember the old idiom:  "He that chases two hares, catches neither."

This is one of my third attempts at an original Omegaverse styled horror novel , a genre that is admittedly strange and with as many detractors as those who adore it.  This is a 530 page opus, so you can guess where I am on that odd little spectrum.  I love the idea of picking apart gender and mashing it up into as many complex layers as one can make it. Cannibals, cults, life threatening biological imperatives, masochism and lies all figure rather prominently here.  There’s not just genders going into the blender, but genre too.  Police procedural, drama and science fiction all find a home in Dr. Declan Smirnov’s universe. Get a glass of wine first before you read it.


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