It's Toronto, 1985.  Random acts of violence sweep the city streets taking children with them.  William knows who the guilty are.  The disembodied limbs of the victims always keep him informed.  But it's hard work avenging the silent screams of others when his own suffering voice feels muted.

Skirting the careful balance of madness and normalcy, IN ABSENTIA challenges what it means to be a part of a society that keeps personal pain hidden from view.

Warning: Extreme violence, sexuality and disturbing imagery.  If you are easily offended–I don’t understand why you would be reading *my* books o.O…

This is, by far, one of the strangest stories I have ever written, and it took me to some pretty odd places when it came to research.  And yes, I did a LOT of research into William’s condition for this, and even came across a strange sect of people who call themselves ‘nullos’, one of whom even gave an online Do It Yourself tutorial on how to chop off a penis.  You can’t make shit like that up.

A lot of the details about Toronto at that time are taken from my youth, and while it’s not as in depth in description as I would liked, I wasn’t a kid who was part of the regular crowd at that time.  Being on the outside was not trendy back in materialistic 1985.  Miami Vice was a hit show.  Think about that before you start getting *too* nostalgic...


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