Paul is just trying to make it to school, but time is an infection that can't be cured. An elevator, a collection of strangers and the snapping of blue crab claws. Nothing will save them from the violent, bleeding sands of time.

This volume also contains several new short stories: A Monsanto cow breeds a new unwelcome sickness in 'Moo'. Discarded computers get their revenge in 'Breathing Life Into New Technology'. Loneliness brings on an unwelcome alliance in 'Something In The Water'. 'They Took Manhattan' will make you check your roach motel. 'Interesting Drug' discusses the dangers of eating non organic, and 'My Heart Will Go On' investigates the concept of loving someone forever (it ain't pretty).

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This was a delving into ‘weird’ fiction and it was one of those things that arrive out of creepypasta experiences.  The novella grew from a terrible nightmare, and yes, I wrote it exactly as I had seen it in my dream, complete with characters and events and the crawly things that infect time.  Probably one of the most out of the box stories I’ve ever written, and it still creeps me out when rereading it simply because of its direct connection with my subconscious.

There are a number of short stories within as well.  ‘Elevator’ was picked up by a fan of the work (DimensionBucket) a while ago and is currently in audio production.