Tendons of terror by author M. Jones. A series of short horror stories based on the human body. In this volume: 'Long Term Care', 'Carcinoma', 'Bone Soup', 'Dissecting Dave', 'Blood Pressure', 'Loose Tooth', 'Until Someone Loses An Eye', 'Unwell', 'Flu Bug', 'Deep In The Marrow', 'Shovelling Pride'  

I am a big fan of a good short horror story collection and do still sell the occasional little monster to outside markets.  I believe a good horror story should be treated in much the same way as a good joke–-A riveting hook and then a gutting punchline.  I think it’s why so many horror authors also tend to have a great sense of humour.  There’s a certain rhythm to the short horror story that, much like a joke, is deadly when executed just right.

I often write short collections when I’m in between novels.  It helps break up the creative process when locked into a project that never seems to end, and offers some freshening up to my writing by affording a change of setting and characters.  


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