Welcome to the home webpage of author M. Jones.  M Jones has been published in many venues, both online and in print, and made her first foray into the experimental medium of web serials with 314 Crescent Manor.  

The fidgety dead have been known to rise and walk about, especially in M Jones's novel Frankie And Formaldehyde, available direct on this website and on Amazon.  If you can’t get enough of the undead, be sure to give Westmarket a try.  You can find it in aisle four, beside the ammunition.  There is a bit of something for everyone on this site, and I’m hoping someone will pick up a book I have written and walk around inside of my head for a short while and then walk away, albeit unsteadily, with a new perspective on this strange little existence of ours.  Are they good books?  I can’t say for sure.  What I can say is that I wrote them, I enjoyed living inside of them for a time, and I’m sure to court the periphery of the Unreal again, if only to prove to myself that the imagination is a place that is as whole and living as the world we breathe in.

I agree, however.  My little worlds aren’t exactly pleasant.  But if existence is suffering then even the small entertainments we indulge in should share a similar overview.  You have been warned.  This is no place for people who wear kitten sweaters and drink camomile tea.  This is a place full of dark bourbon and snapped buttons off of leather jackets.  This is not a safe place.

Walk with me, won’t you, into the abyss that is this dark, dark lake.

M. Jones